Herbalife is on a mission for nutrition, one that will help curb the growing obesity in this country. Distributors and customers are joining together to lose 1 million pounds.

Herbalife Independent Distributors are embarking on a mission to change the shape of the entire nation, one pound and one person at a time.

Be part of this mission! Share the pounds lost by you or by those you've helped by submitting your numbers at least once a month. Every submission counts toward our goal to be
1 million pounds lighter. Report your numbers now!

Total Weight Lost as of Today

211,265 Pounds

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Radha T.

Radha T.

“I had no concept of what proper nutrition was until I was introduced to Herbalife.”

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Weight-Loss & Nutrition Tip

Focus on the foods you’re eating.

You may think eating while doing another activity (watching television, reading or working) can help distract you from eating too much. It’s actually the opposite: If you don’t focus on your meal, before you know it, you’ve eaten much more than you intended.

Fitness Tip

Your metabolism doesn’t slow with age.

As people get older they do less strength-training and can lose lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle tissue you have, the higher your metabolism – and the faster you’ll lose weight. Keep your exercise and activity levels up each year, and you’ll simultaneously maintain your muscle tone, keep your metabolism up and maximize healthy weight loss.